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For almost 20 years, Timberline Restoration has helped thousands of homeowners all over the Columbus area get the remediation services they need to make their homes look better than new. Our full service restoration company has earned a sterling reputation for quality through our unrivaled results, and has built a growing, valuable business within our local community.

Our customers always ask us about the secrets of our success. How do you get everything so clean? How do you guys do it? We tell them: we’re dedicated to making things right.

Timberline uses the most modern cleaning and restoration technology and equipment to go further than the industry standard. We are certified, trained remediation experts who bring our decades of experience to every job, and adhere to the higher standards of our own unique company.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are your chemicals safe?
A: yes, we use all biodegradable chemicals

Q: I have water damage, how do I know if it is dry?
A: Through our diagnostic equipment and our use of psychometry we test to ensure the drying process is being accomplished.

Q: Will the pet chemical really get the stains and smell out?
A: Yes, when we inject our pet friendly biodegradable chemicals, it has to set for 3 full days, on the 4th day we will come back and clean the pet urine and stains out.

Q: How long does it take the carpet to dry after it is cleaned?
A: Approximately 3-5 hours.

Q: Can you get wax out of carpet?
A: Yes

Q: My dog shredded a small section of carpet, can you fix this?
A: Yes, if you don’t have leftover carpet, we can take a piece from your closet.

Q: Do you restretch carpet?
A: Yes

Q: Can you get paint out of carpet?
A: Yes

Q: I spilled bleach on my carpet, can it be fixed?
A: Yes, we can dye it back to the original color.

Q: I have moved into a house with a cigarette smell, can you get that smell out?
A: Yes, we recommend letting us clean the duct work and possibly even doing a thermal fog in the residence.

Q: Are we able to eliminate bad odors?
A: Yes

Q: Can you get rid of bed bugs?
A: Yes, typically through steam clean we can eliminate the bed bugs.

Q: Do you have waterproof flooring?
A: Yes, we have a wide variety of laminates and vinyl that are waterproof.

Q: Can I walk on the carpet while it is wet?
A: You can, it won’t hurt anything, but it is best to remain off the carpet as much as possible until it is dry.

Q: Who do I pay my deductible to?
A: The contractor. Ask us how to reduce or eliminate your deductible.

Q: My house flooded, how long will it take to dry out?
A: Typically water damage takes 3-5 days to dry.

Q: How long should I wait to move my furniture back?
A: Not until completely dry

Q: What is your carpet cleaning method?
A: It is commonly referred to as steam cleaning.

Q: Does bleach kill mold?
A: No, it only kills organic materials on the surface, but the mycelia below the surface are not affected and the mold simply will grow back. Bleach contains water which introduces more moisture and makes the problem worse.

Q: Is there one color of mold that is worse than another?
A: No, it is all a fungi.  Colors don’t necessarily mean anything.

For more information concerning our interior remediation capabilities, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, please call Timberline Restoration at 812-341-0072.

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