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Feel Better After Fire or Water Damage

Water. It’s such a calm, beautiful, still element. Until it turns on you. Mother Nature can whip her waters into a frenzy, break riverbanks and pipes alike, and cause untold havoc in your home. Water also gets into absolutely everything and can leave behind dangerous mold, even as it subsides. It’s time to stop letting water wreak permanent damage you cannot come back from.

It’s time to call the certified remediation specialists at Timberline Restorations!

Our company has the right experience you want in dealing with flood and water damage to all types of degrees. Whether it’s a broken pipe, a failing sump pump, or a mysterious leak, our certified water restoration technicians will get to the bottom of it and see to it that the problem is fixed and restored to previous condition.

Timberline Restorations possesses the largest amount of drying equipment in southern Indiana, and offers 24-hour emergency services for when you need us most.

Flood and Water Damage


Q. I have water damage, how do I know if it is dry?
A. Through our diagnostic equipment and our use of psychometry we test to ensure the drying process is being accomplished.

Q. My house flooded, how long will it take to dry out?
A. Typically water damage takes 3-5 days to dry.


“After finding out about my dishwasher leaking, I assumed this was going to be an inconvenience, Timberline and their crew were fast and efficient and had our life back to normal. Thanks!”
– Tom and Carol Mote

“My store flooded and we tried to dry it out ourselves, but then it started to smell, so I called timberline to just replace the entire carpet, they came in and treated it for the smell, then set up equipment and then cleaned it. it looks great! And they saved me from replacing it with new carpet.”
– Larry Fisher

For more information concerning our carpet remediation capabilities, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, please call Timberline Restoration at 812-341-0072.

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